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We will be holding the FIRST EVER SF Sprints training session in a couple of weeks! On April 19th at 5.30pm we will he running track drills at the Polo Fields inside Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. This is your chance to get ready for the big race this summer!

And LADIES: This year we will be awarding the top Female racer as well! So tell yo friends, tell yo girlfriends, tell yo sistas, wives, daughters and everyone else to join us!




The folks at Fyxation always come through for us and this year is no different. Based in Milwaukee and started by two brothers who saw a need and decided to do something about it. What started as a company who made only tires, they now take care of every part of your bike, whether you’re looking to build a cruiser or a true SF Sprinter. Check them out at fyxation.com and stay tuned for an unboxing video to see what they’ll be offering racers of SF Sprints this year!


Phil Wood



Phil Wood, based out of San Jose California, has been making the finest quality track hubs since the 70s. This year Phil Wood has once again become a sponsor of SF Sprints, to give some of the best riders in the Bay Area a chance to take home some of the best hubs in the world. Stay tuned for the unboxing video from Phil Wood and more!




Factory5, a Shanghai based track bike shop who specializes in the finest quality frames, is proudly a member of this year’s SF Sprints sponsor team. Getting their start back in 2010 as a clubhouse of friends revamping and modernizing forgotten chinese bikes, Factory5 started to attract attention by thinking outside of the box. After opening Shanghai’s first fixed gear boutique, Factory5 started making history in a new way, by developing their own in-house frames and accessories by riders, for riders.


This year the top rider in all classes will take home not only a beautiful F550S Frameset in the size of their choice, but a matching Lattice chainring to round out your build. Factory5 is a brand you should be keeping an eye on. For more info on Factory5 check out their website.


Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 8.36.36 PM


(the zipp wheels and the rest of the build not included, sorry kids!)



Welcome to the new SF Sprints website! While specific details about this years race are yet to be announced, check out our new Instagram page for lots of updates and nostalgic photos of years past. We’ll also be posting lots of San Francisco bike culture pictures so make sure to follow us. See you on the streets!

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Race time breakdown

If you weren’t already sure, here’s some proof that SF Sprints racers were hustlin to the finish all day long.

Nikoh   1st run: 18.839   2nd run: -

Paul Ladonnikov   1st run: 15.241   2nd run: 15.855

Michael German   1st run: 17.52   2nd run: 17.644

Eddy Bach   1st run: 18.658   2nd run: 17.87

Brandon Ebba   1st run: 17.695   2nd run: 18.78

Seal Montes   1st run: 17.458   2nd run: 19.419

Rey Sevilla   1st run: 20.38   2nd run: -

Joey Flannery   1st run: 17.431   2nd run: 18.56

Kent Hiroi   1st run: 20.292   2nd run: 17.85

Matt Quann   1st run: 18.82   2nd run: -

Ernie Lopez   1st run: 18.703   2nd run: 16.24

Juan Montoya   1st run: 19.837   2nd run: 17.345

Sean Thach   1st run: 19.061   2nd run: 17.47

Nick Kim   1st run: 18.00   2nd run: 15.908

Nicholas Martinez   1st run: 19.5   2nd run: 21.234

Jabari Jones   1st run: 21.911   2nd run: 19.043

Muhammad Assad   1st run: 21.615   2nd run: 19.951

Gavin Chen   1st run: 18.716   2nd run: 18.52

Peter Gorman   1st run: 16.914   2nd run: 16.913

Jerel Bromley   1st run: 17.838   2nd run: 18.073

Chris Hicks   1st run: 20.446   2nd run: 25.516

Andy Perry   1st run: 18.225   2nd run: 20.249

Matt O’Donnell   1st run: 19.951   2nd run: 20.306

Geoffrey Colburn   1st run: 16.775   2nd run: 18.251

Oscar Gonzalez   1st run: 19.674   2nd run: 20.53

Chris Tiongson   1st run: 18.815   2nd run: 16.714

Collin McCoizmack   1st run: 22.609   2nd run: 18.8

Josh Sarazyn   1st run: 22.662   2nd run: 19.007

Anthony Antonaros   1st run: 20.558   2nd run: -

Jordan Yee   1st run: 16.709   2nd run: 15.455

Adam Beltz   1st run: 19,653   2nd run: 18.152

Tyler Marchesano   1st run: 17.897   2nd run: 16.164

Alex Gonzalez   1st run: 18.211   2nd run: 16.72

Cliff Macfarlane   1st run: 18.406   2nd run: 17.307

Gino Gabuyo   1st run: 19.2   2nd run: 17.425

Ed Dorsey   1st run: 17.142   2nd run: -

Martin Galvan   1st run: 22.235   2nd run: -

Errol Sabinano   1st run: 22.025   2nd run: -

Michael Spillane   1st run: 19.85   2nd run: 17.369

Dan Russell   1st run: 18.879   2nd run: 17.04

Aaron Garcia   1st run: 17.914   2nd run: 17.099

Tim Gross   1st run: 20.357   2nd run: 18.438

Michael Thomas   1st run: 22.987   2nd run: 25.308

Sulaiman Hyatt   1st run: 17.113   2nd run: 17.118


1st place: Jordan Yee

2nd place: Paul Ladonnikov

3rd place: Nick Kim

4th place: Tyler Marchesano

And there you have it! Great job to everyone who posted killer times, and to those who made huge improvements over their first times. Practice makes perfect fellas.

Post race recap



With the best turnout we’ve ever had, this year was a huge success. Big thanks to everyone who came out to race and watch. Our sponsors made an serious pool of prizes to be won by the top racers, and our team made everything move smoothly. For my personal slew of pictures, head over to my flickr set, for another perspective check out Grant Ly’s photoset on facebook. If there’s any other photo dudes out there that got some shots of the race please let me know! A video edit will be uploaded within the next week, as well as a total breakdown of every single persons sprint times, so stay tuned!!




Congratulations to Jason Yee, Paul Ladonnikov, Nick Kim, and Tyler Marchesano for taking the top four places! Looking forward to seeing you all next year!