House of Commons

Just got back from meeting Joe from HOC in the sunset where finding a parking spot is a like finding a job in this city. So me and Errol swung by Martha’s coffee, said hey, grabbed the stuff and chatted for a sec, and hopped back in the car. Joe is a really awesome guy, he gave us a bunch of shirts and enough stickers to make an HOC exclusive sticker bike. I’ll post pictures tomorrow when there’s daylight, but Joe helped us out with some really stylin’ short sleeve shirts, some HOC logo shirts, and a really nice thermal with the H (c) logo printed on it and the candle logo on the sleeve. Also included in the bag of goodies was a really really nice cap, something that will definitely be a high place prize at the race.

I say good things about the sponsors for this race all the time, but seriously, the people who have been supporting the sprints race have been some of the nicest, most generous people I’ve ever dealt with. And I’m not just saying that because they’re giving us free shit, and yeah, they ARE giving us free shit, but more because they’ve just all honestly been awesome to work with, friendly, and love bikes as much as all of us do. So it’s been a pleasure to deal with ALL of these guys and girls. They’re making this event happen and I just want to take a second to say thank you. So thank you sponsors. You don’t have to support us but you are and that’s awesome.

But anyway, tomorrow I’ll post pictures of the HOC stuff, and hopefully we’ll all be able to enjoy a nice rainless ride (my threeish mile ride today was soaking wet, especially since I broke my fender while trying and failing to pull a wheelie down by the north beach trader joes… Rain = 1, Ukiah = 0)

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