The prizes have been determined!!!!

So the long long wet damp gross easter sunday has put me in a state of not knowing what to do with myself. So along with the HOC pictures I took earlier today, I’ve also taken some shots of what you will all be winning at the race. Since I’ve still yet to meet with Dylan from Macaframa, and the box from inFamous has yet to come in, those things will be added to these prizes later on. It’s hard to say what will go where, but I’m sure I’ll make updates as they happen.

You probably all want to know what you’ll get for being the fastest cat on the streets, so that’s where I’ll start…

1st Place

The first place winner will take home the following…
– The Coveted Chrome Jersey
– A tool pouch from the nice folks at Brisbane Outdoor gear
– A silver 27.2 RH+O seatpost
– A velocity waterbottle (to hold your kool-aid)
– A Knog Skink front light (very bright with a million settings)
– A Knog frog rear light (Not pictured, I have to find it)
– A PAIR of Dodici rims. White. 36h. Extremely strong and classy as hell.
– A navy blue medium Timbuk2 Messenger bag to take it all home in (these things are tough and really well designed. Lots of space)
– A navy blue medium Timbuk2 Messenger bag (these things are tough and really well designed. Lots of space)

2nd place

The second place winner will take home…
– A knog cap (very nice)
– A Chrome shirt
– A tool pouch made of a recycled tube from Brisbane Outdoor gear
– A knog beetle front light
– A very nicely sized freight hip bag with yellow interior to take it all home in (Includes a belt strap with a buckle closure. This thing is bulletproof)

3rd place

Third place will take home…
– A chrome shirt
– A chrome hip bag to take it home in
– And STICKERS!!!!

Skid contest winner

Skid contest winner will take home…
– Brand new Velocity Deep V rim. White 32h.
– A black fyxation season 700 tire (thick as all hell)
– Odyssey griswald grips (wood grain)
– A set of Odyssey platform pedals (white or black, your choice)
– A pair of Brisbane Outdoor gear “Strap ons” (platform straps, sadly they don’t work with the odyssey pedals)
– A pair of six six one gloves thanks to the guys at ridesfo

Underdog winner

The underdog winner is something that errol came up with and I think is a great idea. During the first round races, two racers will go head to head, one will advance and one will get dropped out. All of the people who get dropped out the first round will then enter the underdog brackets against each other. The underdog brackets will race once the main race is over and will advance the same way the main racers do. But there will only be one winner. Everyone deserves to race at least twice!!! The underdog winner will take home…
– Brand new gator skin tire
– A black 27.2 RH+O seatpost
– Burro platform pedal straps
– House of commons “Crew” shirt
– House of commons cap (so nice, wish it was mine)

Raffle prizes

Raffle winners will take home…
– One lucky raffle winner will winner will take home…
– RH+O riser bars
– RH+O short as hell stem
– Odyssey Aaron ross grips
– Leader shirt
– A silver medium Timbuk2 Messenger bag to take it all home in

-Other raffles prizes will include things in the second picture. Lots of shirts, a couple pairs of pedals, a hat, grips etc. Things will be raffled off till the prize box is empty!!!!

Thats it folks!!! Things will be arriving in the coming weeks so just stay tuned. HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY!

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