Oury grips

Our buddies at Oury (Colorado makes a lot of winners) came through BIG time for us. I missed their package that came in yesterday so I rode over to the UPS depot today. Since it’s absolutely B-U-tiful outside, I was happy to get out and enjoy it. The package that was handed to me once I got there was HUGE!!!! and way heavier than I expected. So I jammed it into my bag, which was almost not big enough to carry it, and rode home. It’s a good thing I put my 46t chainring back on my bike cause otherwise I woulda been hurtin’… Anyway, below is a shot of the awesome stuff Oury sent us. I was kinda just thinking they would send us a few pairs of grips, but no no no, there’s so much more. Check out the shot, but in case you’re wondering, they sent us a banner for representation at the race, shirts (just XLs, sorry thin guys, but they’ll make great nightgowns for the ladies!), stickers which I’ve never seen before from these guys but which look really really nice, and a small mountain of grips, in just about any color you can think of.


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