inFamous and Holdfast are my heroes

I’ve been talking to Lo from inFamous for a while now, about their company and the stuff they’re sending us, but today the package came in and I was blown away. I woke up this morning from the sound of the doorbell ringing and the dogs freaking out (they’re very protective of us, they know the mail man is up to no good), so I knew something had arrived. When I finally crawled out of my room at like 9.30 there was a huge squareish box right outside my room. So first thanks to either Mary or Rene, cause I sure as hell didn’t get my ass outta bed. I cracked the box open to find a lovely set of rims, and the beefiest looking fork I’ve ever seen. I’ve been noticing a lot of press around the inFamous forks lately on Fixie Pixie and various other sites but nothing compares to the real thing. Another thing that made me smile is that Lo and Jan from inFamous sent us one of their new metallic flake colored forks. This one is a really nice cool red. Along with the fork came two rims, one anodized blue (same one as the one you can see on their site) and the other powdercoated yellow. They’re both seem extremely stiff and come in a 32h drilling. The nice thing about these is that they’re made for bigger tires, so the rim itself is already 24mm wide (30mm deep). The guys also tossed in a mess of inFamous stickers in white and black. Lo told me that these are the prototype stickers but they look really good anyway. And in true inFamous style, I slapped one on the inside of my fork to show the love.

The rest of my day was spent getting out posters to more local shops, going to the exploratorium for a few hours, and then coming home. When I walked back into my room after the long day I found a small package from Hold Fast! It’s a good day when you get two sponsorship packages. Since Hold Fast straps are made by hand, and are just about the best quality you can get, they usually can’t donate straps to races like this one. So all I was expecting was some shirts, but the guys pulled through and got us a fresh pair of straps that will go to one very deserving racer.

Dats all folks. A week and a day until race time. Make sure to let all your fixie friends to join us. And make sure to invite your friends to watch, it’ll be a good night of hanging out and riding bikes :]


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