Prize updates!

While I don’t have time right now to nail down exactly what new stuff has come in, and where it will go in terms of prizes, I will give you guys some idea.

1) Oury Grips: Oury has sent me a mess of things for the race. Grips have been added to the main prize giveaways, and feel free to swap colors if you don’t like what I’ve given you. Or trade with someone else etc. The rest of the grips will then be raffled off with the rest of the raffle prizes. The t-shirts oury sent (in ladies nightgown size) will also be added to the raffle pile.

2) inFamous bike: The lovely fork we’ve been given will be added to the skid contest bundle, and the rims will either be raffled off or added to other prize packs. One will most likely be raffled off.

3) Macaframa: Dylan was nice enough to give us two box sets of the film, so those will go out as well. I know that most of you have probably seen this already, especially those serious enough to win this thing, so I think they’ll go out as raffle or bundles with smaller prizes. Such as second/third place.

And that’s that! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I’ll see you all this Saturday!



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