This is what dreams dream of

Before I start I’m gonna say that the stuff I’m about to say is genuine. That being said I’m honestly so so so happy with how the race went. I met so many good people tonight, and that alone made tonight a HUGE success. I would start naming names but I don’t wanna leave anyone out and hurt anyones feelings, so just know that I am glad you guys all made it, and I look forward to seeing you all in the city really soon. Here’s how the prizes got dealt out…

1st prize: Walton
2nd prize: Dylan
3rd place: Alex

Underdog winner: Jonah

Raffle winners ALL around. Everyone went home with something. Everyone who didn’t stay to the very end should feel real real bad, cause we all took a group picture and we’re all friends now.

Stay tuned right here for OFFICIAL photos and video of the event. There was a mess of guys there taking shots, and I’m really excited to see all of those shots as well.

Thanks for everything guys!


    1. Neil! Sorry I didn’t have the moments to introduce myself and stuff… But your shots look amazing man. Just throw up a link and I’ll get both of you guys linked to all of the blogs when I get around to contacting them. Thank you in advance, the shots look great and it’ll definitely be a night to remember.

    baller race man, thanks for the effort you put into it.
    we cant wait to lose at the next one.

    1. Haha, I’m glad you guys had a good time. I hope to see the both of you (and james!) in the city. AND I’ll post pictures later tonight. Of both of you and the rest of the gang, but I have to wait on my buddy errol to get the video out :[

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