Photo evidence!

This weekend was freakin’ crazy. Saturday was the race and sunday I spent literally all day installing a mural for a gallery opening. And now I’m dead tired. But enough of my problems! I just got around to sorting through the pictures and editing them, so here’s a batch of some of the best ones! Gimme some time to get the video uploaded, but it’ll be damn good when it gets there.


I can’t believe how cold it ended up getting, where was that nice warm bay area air?

This was a very dog friendly event

Me explaining to the crowd that being safe doesn’t make you a lameo

Watching was just as fun as racing, although I do wish I coulda had a run or two

Tyler S wayyyy in the lead

Tyler C and Dylan about to sprint it off. Dylan takes this one!

Walt blazes past the finish for 1st place!

Alex holdin’ up his Chrome hip pack full of goodies or taking 3rd place

Dylan showin’ off his 2nd place winnings. All those wheelies doesn’t take away a man’s winning spirit, that’s fo sho.

Walt taking away his mess of winnings for taking 1st. Shit you guys tore into that pirates booty…

James took away a rim and a fork in raffle winnings! Who knew that a mystery man is offering the same goodies on craigslist! Haha…

RP didn’t get anything for coming in 4th, but did take home a nice inFamous rim as a raffle prize!

James’ strategy of buying an extra raffle ticket pays off in the end. Very smart, my friend.

Tyler C enjoys a nice leader shirt

I dropped Raphael’s shirt on the ground, but he was a damn good sport about it.

Nay was the one and only girl racer at the sprints, and for that she is awesome. The end.

Group photo! Thanks to Errol Sabinano and Sean Haywood for taking the time to come and take these shots!


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