Sponsor Hightlight: Chrome




Chrome is a great company. And what’s better is it’s filled with honestly great people. Every experience I’ve had with the place has been very positive so when it came time to search for sponsors for the last race they were one of the very first people I thought of. And they  couldn’t have been more helpful. This year I contacted them already having worked with them and they responded with the same generosity. This year they sent us a couple hip pouches (the ones I reviewed) in Captain America blue and red, one of their Rook Wallets, and same as last year one of their “coveted jerseys”. I’m honestly surprised they still have some of these left. There was only 200 made last year and I thought they’d be looooong gone by now. But then again I can’t think of a single other race other than SF Sprints 1 that featured it as a prize. This bums me out for two reasons. 1) There obviously needs to be more fixed races, and 2) I want to win one of my own!!! C’mon guys, what’s a guy gotta do to just get a chance to win a cool jersey???? Oh well. A big big big thanks to Hank and Jackie over at Chrome. I consider the guys at chrome to be friends so I’m always excited to have them involved in events.

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