Sponsor highlight: Knog

Knog is sort of a company I look up to. In the beginning, they made a name for themselves with the revolutionary silicone covered lights that everyone since has tried and failed to copy. Today I got a package from the guys and gals at Knog and was really really happily surprised.

They hooked it up with shirts, hats, stickers, and LIGHTS!! Something that really made me smile though was the stickers.


About two years ago, when I first contacted Knog about sponsoring a race, the art style they had was awesome. I even peeled the sticker off of the packaging they sent to me and slapped it on my computer (the computer I’m typing on at the moment). Recently Knog has really stepped it up. The characters before were awesome, but now they’re even better. When you see a Knog character you know it. That’s what marks a strong name in my opinion. The reason I say I look up to these guys is because they really seem to make the art work really well along with the product. That’s something that I feel like should happen a lot more often, and something I’ve been trying to do with Killit (although that’s still in the early stages, obviously). Big thanks to Michael and Tania from Knog, I really appreciate it guys.


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