Sponsor highlight: Leader

It’s been a busy few days, but I’ve gotten some good stuff that’s making the race even more exciting. Today I got some stuff from Leader. Last race the guys sent over a mess of shirts, and some stickers, which was awesome but nothing ground breaking since it was a weird time for them and they didn’t have much to spare. This time they blew me away. All in all they sent (click below for pictures)…

[ ] A s805 Carbon/Aluminum  track fork in matt black/raw carbon finish

[ ] Black Plisken stem, 25.4 mm, nice and stout. Kinda like the Azonic shorty I ride on my bike but a little bit heavier and therefore prolly a lil more stronger

[ ] And lastly the black cyclone track hubs you see above. I’m excited these things came in because I was planning on getting some hubs to lace up to the Dodici rims that will eventually come in for a nice little prize. And now I don’t have to worry about that. Sick. These hugs are so light and beautiful. Brilliantly designed.

Big thanks to the guys at leader for the goods. Head over to their newly redesigned site (very nice) for some new stories from them.

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