Featured Sponsor: Colossi

Recently I’ve been talking to Jan at Colossi about the race and I have some extremely exciting news. Jan Kole, owner of Colossi cycling, began as a racer back in 1982 in Holland, after which he started his own frame company to make frames by hand for riders. In 2005 he started Colossi to put a custom non mass produced bike back into the hands of the riders. Jan has offered to give the rider who can successfully best the rest a custom made frame in any size they want. That’s right. The winner of this year’s SF Sprints gets a frame. Not just any frame either, something truly special and unique. Early on he offered to just send the size I requested, but we got to talking and agree that it’s better for the winner if they get to choose the size they want. Of course the frame isn’t the only thing you get for winning this year’s race, you’ll get a lot more cool stuff, so stay tuned right here for all the updates about what’s up for grabs this year.

If you’re not familiar with Colossi below are some pretty amazing examples of their work.

Thanks to Jan from Colossi for everything they’re doing for us. He’s a really cool guy who has some really awesome ways to think about bikes. A lot of the same things I think so it’s really good to be working with him and I hope to do so more in the future.

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