PC is on

Since the homie Patrick over at Pedal Consumption spilt the beanbag on the poster a little early before it was done a lot more of you have been checking out the site. Which is a great thing. But consider yourselves in on the secret for now. That version of the poster was a little old so expect the rest of the sponsors and a lot more detail along in the final version. The good news is that Patrick offered to sponsor the race, which is also great, so hopefully there will be even more PC stickers this year than there were last year, and a fancy dancy hip pouch ta boot! Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks and if you haven’t done so already, read back at previous posts to catch up on what you’ve missed. A lot has happened since last year and this time things are gonna get crazy. I’ve been scoping out locations for the sprints and have a few really sick spots in mind so far. Stick around for more.

Big thanks to Patrick from PC for the support.

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