Colossi is a name that’s taken this race to the next level. A lot of you will be coming out in a couple of weeks to win the grand prize of a custom frame and believe me when I say you’ll be riding for something very worth while. I talked to Jan Kole of Colossi recently and he informed me that after the winner is crowned, they will be working closely with me to decide on their custom frame. The thing that makes this race completely unique is this grand prize. I don’t know of another race that has offered up a completely custom frame. You will have freedom with your prize, so you can decide on a track frame, pursuit track frame, road frame, trick frame, whatever you want. You also get to choose the color and size so that it fits you perfectly. After sending the specs to Jan he’ll come up with a drawing that you’ll get to check out before they start making it. Try to beat that. In addition to the frame, I also got the banged up box you see below, and you know that when you get a box like this it has to be something good. Colossi also sent a slew of sweet bars, a stem and a seatpost to win at the race. Put your game faces on everyone, this shit is gonna get real.

If you think you’ve got a chance of winning this thing, start thinking about what you’ll want your frame to be like so you can get it even faster.

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