Mission Bikes again

So the spoke cards are done and I’ll be picking them up tomorrow. In other news, shipments from both Burro and LDG have arrived since the last post, so tomorrow I’ll be showing you what the dudes sent over as well as giving an update on exactly what will be handed out to whom at the race. Sadly Dodici had an unexpected delay in their rim shipment so the wheelset won’t be there for the race, but since I’ll be working with the winner to get them their custom frame, the lucky sir or madam will be hooked up with the wheels after race day. I’ll also be swinging by Amazing grass tomorrow to say what’s up to Brandon and grab some energy filled snacks for the race. And just so you know, there will be a cooler full of free water bottles for racers too, so even if you don’t remember to bring some, there’ll be plenty to keep you hydrated.

Until tomorrow.


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