Last minute Sponsor Highlight: Amazing Grass, Burro, and LDG

Way’ta save the best for last. A few days ago I got a package quite unexpectedly from burro containing a really, REALLY cool messenger bag. As you can see below, it’s totally SF themed, with the Giants logo on the flap and orange and black all around. A very classy and well made contribution to the race.

Yesterday I got word that the LDG package had arrived and was waiting for me at the South San Francisco post office to be picked up. Who knew picking up packages was such serious business. Me and my wife got there a half hour early and they wouldn’t even let us in, so we waited outside the gate and between then and when we actually got let in a huge line of cars had formed behind us to get their packages. Crazy stuff. Well it was worth it because I got a beautiful package of goods from LDG, all of their products are such works of art by themselves. Expect a write up of some of their parts, as well as the fork they sent me over at Killit later on.

I also headed over to the Marina today to pay Brandon at Amazing Grass a visit. And am extremely thankful for what he contributed to the race. About six boxes of top quality vegan and gluten free energy bars as well as a fat stack of drink powder mix (which I tried some of today, and it honestly did give me a ton of energy getting back to the excelsior).

And last but not least I headed over to Mission Bikes on the way home to pick up the spoke cards. Which are dope. There is a limited number, so like I said before, if you want one make SURE you stick around for the awards at the end of the night.

Still bummed out Dodici couldn’t get us their stuff on time for the race but like I said, I’ll be working closely with the winner of this years race all throughout their frame process and will be hand delivering their wheelset to them once the rims come in.

Expect a full write up of who gets what at the race tomorrow in an hour or so, until then I hope you’re all getting in last minute practice runs before tomorrow!

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