Prize breakdown

And not a moment too soon…

Here’s a breakdown of who will get what at the race tomorrow, so that you know what you’ll be fightin’ for!

1st prize:
– Killit Messenger bag
– Certificate for a custom frame from Colossi
– Dodici x leader wheelset (to be given out after the race when I get the rims)
– Soma Tamada Saddle
– SF Sprints printed Holdfast Straps
– LDG 15t Track cog
– Holdfast keyfob
– Pedal Consumption hip pack
– Low Bicycles hoodie
– Colossi 27.2 seapost
– LDG Bottom Bracket
– Chrome “coveted” Jersey
– Knog Gekko rear light

2nd Prize:
– Burro SF Messenger bag
– LDG 130bcd 50t Chainring
– Carbon Fiber Leader fork (1 1/8th)
– LDG cog and lockring
– All city track grips
– Knog cap
– Rear Knog light
– Holdfast T-shirt

3rd Prize:
– Killit Hip pack
– Colossi old school track drops
– Front and rear Knog lights
– Pake cap
– Oury grips

The raffle prizes are working a little differently this year, there will be a track and a trick raffle set up, so you’ll get the choice to put your ticket in either box. When the winners of those two main raffles are named, all the raffle tickets will be pooled together and the remaining prizes will be raffled off until everything’s gone. Here’s the two main raffle prizes:

Track Raffle:
– Chrome hip pack
– Colossi riser bars
– Leather Soma saddle
– LDG cog
– Oury grips
– Colossi stem
– White Knog beetle light

Trick Raffle:
– Chrome hip pack
– Fyxation bmx grips
– Fyxation bar ends
– Fyxation gates pedals
– Leader stem
– Holdfast keyfob

And that’s it! Everything remaining, like I said will be raffled off. On a side note, there will be some refreshments available for payed racers only, I don’t got time for you eatin’ and drinkin’ this stuff if you’re not a racer

– All natural, no soy, no gluten, vegan energy bars by Amazing Grass. Good stuff to give you lots of energy.
– Drink powder mix by amazing grass as well. This is hardy stuff that’ll keep you goin’ all day.

– Lots of bottles of water, either take it straight or mix it with the amazing grass powders for an extra kick for your runs.

Hope to see you ALL out tomorrow. Registration is at six, racing starts at seven. Be there early to assure yourself a spot.

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