It’s time for all those gritty details! The above poster will be posted around at local shops and seen on bike blogs until the race. This years race will be held at Marina green on the bike path. What’s different this year is that the race takes place during the daylight hours, and the fact that this year races will be individual, time trial sprints. Each racer gets two runs, the best of the two is their final time. The two racers with the fastest overall times square off until there is one winner. As always, raffle tickets are just two bucks and get your name in the hat for some pretty awesome prizes. Come wearing your helmet (you must have your own helmet, no borrowing your buddy’s helmet) and you get one free raffle ticket, but you’re always welcome to buy in as many more as you’d like. For directions to the location, click on the “get directions” tab at the top of the page.

Let’s make this year one to remember, so bring your friends to race and watch!


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