SF Sprints a success again!


With a couple months of planning, more than a couple close calls with sponsors, and more work than you’d expect to go into a couple hours of racing, another year of SF Sprints is over. The winner above, Seal, came in first having two great sprint times and beating out the competition in the end. He’ll take home a one of a kind Killit bag, wheels cranks bars and everything else he’ll need to put on his heritage frame once it’s delivered.



Peter here took home second, with the best overall times of the day, he takes home a set of rims, a monster Chrome backpack and is obviously an SF Sprints fan after today!



Third place was actually a dead tie, so Gino and Alex both got to pick out something to take home. It was good to see a guy I ride with regularly (Gino) take home a prize, those lil legs got some pushin’!


More pics will be up soon, with the times for every racer being posted either later today or in the next few days. Also keep your eyes peeled for the official video edit from the day. It’s gonna be a good one! Thanks to everyone who came out and made this event happen, we almost got shut down by park police so the fact that we made it to the end at all is kind of a miracle.


  1. That was a blast despite my accident! I’ll stay in my cages next year 😉 Many many thanks to the individual who was on hand with the first aid. I am recovering quickly and could have been way worse off without him. I forgot to get his contact information but I would like to thank him again if possible.

    Thanks again for putting on the event, I will definitely be back next year.

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